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The Best Foods for Your Skin

In case you didn’t know which the largest organ of your body is, you’ll find out now: it is your skin.  The skin has a very important role in providing a protective covering for all the organs in your body.  Besides this, the skin plays a decisive part in regulating the internal body temperature and it is one of the best indicators of overall health and well-being.

When it comes to offering the best care possible to their skin, most people believe that spending thousands and thousands of dollars on skin therapies and products will make it look fresh and vibrant.  So they go for topical treatments that they place on top of their skin.  However, much better results would be achieved, and for a fraction of that money, if people chose to consume raw foods.  Natural, organic meals are in fact one of the best kept secrets of immediate changes in the skin texture.

Whenever you eat raw foods, you actually ingest more of the essential amino acids and vitamins of which your body can’t have enough.  Moreover, natural moisture is also added to the skin, as raw foods contain a much higher moisture level than cooked foods.  The explanation is very simple, given the fact that the cooking process eliminates much of the essential moisture.

According to many skin care specialists, your skin mirrors what is happening in the rest of your body.  If the organs and blood are given the proper nutrients to function well, that will definitely show on your skin.  You can get vitamins and moisture that will prevent ageing from foods such as carrots and apples.

When you start a diet based on raw foods, you will understand the meaning of phrases like inner glow or inner beauty.  Your skin is the largest bodily contact area you have with the rest of the world, so a glowing skin will certainly make a great first impression.

Once you begin adding raw foods to your meals, things will start falling into place naturally.  Not only will you feel better, but also you will look better.  And when this happens, you will notice more positive reactions from the people around you.  You will realize that you will have more energy for your family, you friends and your work.

In order to have a smoother skin and feel better about your complexion you do not need a self-help book, nor a fancy plastic surgery procedure.  If your skin and body are receiving the essential nutrients from raw, uncooked foods, you will feel your best in a natural way.

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