Slow Down Ageing

Exercises That Slow Down Ageing

According to health professionals, ageing and lack of exercise go hand in hand. If one is inactive, the muscle tone and strength are slowly lost and cardiovascular fitness will suffer, while you will realize that you become less and less able to participate in activities that you used to enjoy.  Your posture will also be affected because of muscle deterioration, and you will start experiencing back pains and rising blood pressure.  An inactive lifestyle can result in a host of various physical conditions.  Even young people seem prematurely old is they suffer the effects of a sedentary lifestyle – from this point of view, any activity is an anti-ageing exercise.

In fact, as most specialists put it, when deciding upon an anti-ageing strategy, no matter the stage in your life, exercise is one of the two crucial components.  The other consists in a healthy diet.  The message that health professionals are trying to put across is that regular exercising is the key to looking and feeling younger, with many other benefits included, such as avoiding weight gain, preserving physical ability as a senior and lowering the risk of different diseases. 

Therefore, exercise slows down ageing and lowers the risk of disease at the same time.  Medical evidence suggests that many problems associated with old age can be controlled, avoided or even eliminated by exercising regularly, while ageing can apparently be reversed – cholesterol, blood pressure and blood sugar can all come down to normal, healthy levels.  Anti-ageing exercise for such medical conditions can be as easy as a twenty minute walk once a day.  Moreover, strength training is generally recommended for bone density, arthritis and circulation problems.

So does exercise contribute to slowing down ageing?  Of course it does, and besides that it also has a health benefit.  So you can engage in leisure time activities, sports, regular workouts or whatever active interests you have – it’s all anti-ageing exercise.  You will not only feel much better, but you will also invest in a healthier and more physically able older age.  Your strength will stay up, your bones will maintain their condition, your joints will preserve their flexibility and your entire outlook will be incredibly positive.  Getting regular exercise and ageing will soon look to you like a normal and comfortable process.  Not only will exercise slow down ageing – it will also improve your health and will contribute to your emotional and spiritual well being in ways that you can’t even begin to imagine.

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