Slow Down Ageing

Face Creams That Slow Down Ageing

If you have ever tried shopping for an anti-ageing cream, you have probably found yourself overwhelmed by the huge range of choices available on today’s market.  Don’t worry, you are not alone.  As a matter of fact, according to a survey commissioned by the American Academy of Dermatology, more than 90% of people surveyed declared themselves quite confused by the amazing variety of anti-ageing face creams on the market, either prescription or over-the-counter.

The survey also emphasized that almost 70% of women are worried by the signs of ageing, including drying, wrinkles and fine lines.  At the same time, after using an anti-ageing cream half of the women questioned want to see visible improvements concerning the delicate skin around the eyes, while one in five women desired improvements of the area around her mouth.

The majority of anti-ageing face creams available on the market contain AHA (alpha hydroxyl acid), which is recognized for removing the outer, dead layers of the skin, leaving the face with a youthful, fresh glow.  Other over-the-counter anti-ageing products contain antioxidants, like vitamins C and E.  Retinoids are also known to be effective in counteracting the effects of the ageing process, as vitamin A can help reduce the wrinkles, fine lines and age spots.

When it comes to their effectiveness, you should bear in mind that most dermatologists agree that many anti-ageing creams have managed to deliver very promising results.  The creams concerned are the antioxidants, with vitamins C and E in particular, but also vitamin A and AHA.  However, some of the anti-ageing creams have no other effect than that of a moisturizer.  As such, they act by supplying moisture and fat which plump up the fine lines of the skin to make it seem smoother.  Unfortunately, their effect is not very visible, not even after periods of using the cream.

Before buying an anti-ageing cream, you should first investigate a bit as to its effectiveness.  However, if you want to preserve the fresher and younger looking skin you achieve by means of face creams, you should also do your best to avoid the sun.  Moreover, as you come into contact with many chemicals which dry your skin on a daily basis, you should learn to protect not just by using an anti-ageing face cream, but also with a special shielding lotion.  With the proper combination of anti-ageing cream and protective lotion, you can certainly say goodbye to wrinkles and dry skin for a while.


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