Slow Down Ageing

Getting Rid of Lines and Wrinkles

There comes a time in our lives when we start to think about the consequences of growing older and the possibilities of slowing down this process by using one of the several anti-ageing treatments available on the market today.  This time usually comes at the same time with the discovery of our first wrinkle or fine lines.  These signs generally appear in your 30s, but if you are lucky it may happen to you as late as in your 40s.  It is around this age that people usually start considering using an anti-ageing treatment.  However, if you keep your skin healthy from a young age you will be able to prolong the effects of ageing longer than you thought it was possible.

So if you start getting a proper anti-ageing treatment once you notice the first signs of wrinkles, you can do something about them.  Don’t ignore them, denial is one of the worst things you could possibly do.  Instead, choose an anti-ageing cream and apply it topically in order to remove wrinkles and stop the formation of new lines.  Although far from being miracle solutions, good anti-ageing creams contain essential nutrients and vitamins which are recognize for skin rejuvenation.  The majority of them contain Retinol, an elaborated form of Vitamin A which was proven to rejuvenate the ageing skin considerably.

There are, however, more types of treatments which employ various chemicals and vitamins to improve the texture of your ageing skin and help you get rid of those nasty lines.  Wrinkles appear as the collagen molecules in skin begin to be slowly destroyed as we age.  Most ageing creams, however, are only able to include partial collagen molecules, since they are too large to be absorbed by the skin this way.  Therefore, innovative formulas were developed over the year to rejuvenate skin by taking away the lines and wrinkles related to old age.

One of these techniques is dermabrasion, which has been successfully used for decades to remove many types of skin abrasions, acne scars and safe removal of wrinkles.  An improved technique is laser dermabrasion, which gives more accuracy and thus better result.  Microdermabrasion makes use of a mist of crystals which help smoothen the skin by removing the outer, dead layers of skin.  An entire program of microdermabrasion can treat sun damaged skin, fine lines, wrinkles, age spots and almost any other kind of skin problem you may encounter.  Moreover, there is little discomfort with this treatment and virtually no side effects.

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