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How Sunbed Tanning Affects Wrinkles

When using a tanning bed you should not underestimate some of the dangers of getting a sun tan this way.  Getting a burn and premature ageing are only two of the most serious consequences related to sunbed tanning.  While burning yourself may just cause a slightly red appearance of skin, some of the most serious sun bed burns can be the same as a second or third degree burn, and could even require medical assistance or a visit to the dermatologist.  Repeated burns, even minor ones, can lead to worrying effects in the long run, which include withered skin and the appearance of wrinkles.

The second risk of using sunbed tanning is linked to premature ageing.  After each time you get burns from this kind of exposure the damage you are causing your skin remains permanent.  If a proper protection lotion is not used, excessive UV exposure can cause the skin to lose its flexibility and become saggy.  Moreover, sunbed tanning may cause wrinkles and fine lines to appear on the delicate areas of the face, such as the area around the eyes.  To cut a long story short, using a tanning bed can improve your appearance for short periods of time, but in the long term can lead to substantial premature ageing.

Sunbed tanning is all the more dangerous for people who begin frequenting it at a young age.  Many of these teens write off the danger of premature ageing as they view it as something which will not happen to them for a long time, but this is always true.  In fact, for those who start using tanning beds at a young age, the damage to the skin will start showing by their mid-twenties.

Besides the early appearance of wrinkles, people run another major risk associated with tanning beds.  This most serious danger consists in the development of skin cancer.  As research shows, the younger the age when you start burning yourself, the more at risk you will be of developing this type of condition later on.  The eye cornea can also suffer burns from the UVA rays emitted during sunbed tanning if one does not wear protective goggles.

However, research points that sunbed use is actually safer than directly receiving rays from the sun.  The popularity of this industry is also supported by the fact that the amount of rays from the sunbed lamps necessary for a less dangerous exposure can be predicted exactly.

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