Slow Down Ageing

How to Slow Down Aging

Although it is impossible to turn back time, there are many steps one can take nowadays not just to slow down ageing, but also to reverse some of the signs of the ageing process that one may be experiencing. According to many studies, the key factor in fighting ageing is a balanced diet and nutrition, as the old saying "you are what you eat" is found to be truer than ever.

The radical changes in human life make it virtually not possible to obtain maximum performance from our bodies while we are not eating the proper nutrients to stay healthy and full of vitality. Moreover, the direct linked between diet and health is proved by the many lifestyle diseases which are consequences of poor nutrition and junk food. In order to stay healthy and preserve our condition, increasing the amount of whole foods and decreasing the amount of processed foods we eat is essential.

Besides the fact that they contain almost no nutrients, processed foods are full of preservatives, chemicals and additives which are known to interfere with many bodily functions such as hormones. So instead of eating an unhealthy diet, following a well-balanced diet will have many health benefits, among which one of the most powerful one is anti-ageing.

Studies show that having a healthy diet significantly decreases free radical production as well as the risk of developing various types of cancer due to proper nutrients. Moreover, a balanced diet helps promote anti-aging by lowering the cholesterol and triglycerides to healthy levels. What is more, balanced diets support the liver, which is a powerful anti-ageing adjuvant. As the body detoxifies more efficiently, all areas of health and the immune system will benefit from the reduction of toxins, a veritable boom for good health.

By following a healthy diet one also does not run the risk of unbalancing the hormones. Since hormonal unbalance has a tremendous role in ageing, healthy eating programs are recommended so that the body can maintain its normal levels of hormones.

All in all, provided that someone chooses the right lifestyle, nutrient and dietary adjustments, and outside the host of genetic changes that occur with age, slowing down aging is not a difficult thing to do. Moreover, scientific research is undergoing and many anti-ageing therapies are currently developing. Basically, one only has to do all he or she can to be healthy, and this way ageing will slow down.

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